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How do I meet more girls at the neighboring all girls school?
I go to an all guys school where the majority of the students came from private school. The problem is that I went to public middle school and because of that I only know public school girls. I had no trouble making friends at my hs, but am finding it hard to make friends that are girls at the neighboring all girls school. Any advice? Preferable not rude stuff
Get a mate who knows some girls from the girls school and suggest you all hang out somewhere together :P
How do i meet boys at a girls school?
Im at a girls school and i don't have any guy friends or really any friends with guy friends but i want a boyfriend
any help?
Don't worry, you'll have plenty of time to meet guys after graduating. But for now, you can take part in Co-curricular Activities, where you can meet other people during competitions or workshops, or sign up for courses at your local community centre, where you can meet same-aged people with similar interests. It's healthier to start out looking for friendship because most healthy and happy couples started out as friends. You can also know guys through your close friends or siblings; people you can trust who will not introduce you to unsavoury characters.

Make sure you don't go looking for guys online or randomly on the street because it's way too dangerous and often not fruitful at all!
How can I meet boys when im at an all girls school with hobbies that only really involve girls?
I'd really like to meet boys and maybe get a boyfriend but im at a all girls school and my hobbies include sports like netball which is a girls sport. Please help I'd except any sort of cool ideas. thanx
All girl school.!? damn that's tricky i don't think i could do that. girl can be bitches. Well you can try sites like myspace not usually always the safest but you have to be smart about it. Add some of your friends then check out there friends see if there are any boys that spark your interest. you could then ask your friend about him or you could just go to a public school.
How should a guy get a girl's attention at an all girls school?
next week my team is gonna play a game at an all girls school and most of us are guys
what would be the best way to flirt with girls and get their attention?

Well first off you will have plenty of girls to choose from... Next you have to choose one of the girls to be your main focus. If you are trying to flirt with too many girls at once it will get messy... :-) So after you have chosen your girl just casually walk up to her and introduce yourself. After that make small talk and when you are making small talk just casually throw in a compliment or two. BUT if/when you compliment her you MUST, MUST, MUST, make sure that what you are saying is GENUINE. Us girls HATE guys who are fake.
Name of a Romantic Manga based at a all girls school?
its a manga about a girl that goes to a all girls school and has a heart problem also i think her older sister is also a teacher at the same school.
I'm pretty sure the manga you are looking for is Ai Girl:

Hope this helps~!
Would i benefit more doing IB at an all girls school or A levels at mixed collage?
For 6th form i have 3 options, i can:
stay at the all girls school i am at now and do A levels in the sixth form
stay at the all girls schoo i am at and take the IB diploma
or look for sixth form collages etc that are mixed and take A levels

which do you think would be better because i would really like the whole mixed education experience but i may do better eithre taking IB or in an all girls private school :/
judging by your spelling, I'll say not IB. You wont last a second.
Would I be teased for my Australian accent at an American all girls boarding school?
I am currently considering to attend a girls school in America as a boarder. The only problem is, I am worried that I would be bullied, excluded and teased for my Australian accent. Would this be so?
well girls can be vicious, so if they don't like you, they'll pick up on anything they can to make you feel bad, or different. But it probably won't happen, I'm american and as far as i can tell most australians are viewed as laid-back, sexy, and are assumed to have a good sense of humor. You don't have to fit that stereotype, but I think most Americans really like Australians, and kinda wish they had an Australian accent.
Tips for starting at an all-girls school?
Okay, so in September I'm going to be starting as a freshman at an all-girls Catholic school. I've gone to Catholic school before, but I've never been to an all girls school. A handful of my middle school friends will be starting with me but for the most part It'll be new people. I was wondering if you had any tips on making friends and popularity and whatnot. I'm in two honors classes and I'm planning on trying out for volleyball... is there anything else I should do? (:
I went to all girls Catholic grade school and high school. You don't really need any tips. Just be yourself. Joining activities is a good way of making friends. So, join some clubs.
What is the movie with the principle that is pretending to be woman at an all girls school?
I think it's the movie that is what st. trinians is based on.
so pretty much, it's just a man trying to steal stuff from the school by pretending to b the new principle who is a woman.
It's an all girls school and they are all like the girl in st trinians.. they even play hockey, and in the end the guy grow close to the girls and then likes it there and doesn't want to rob them anymore..
ohh if its the movie im thinking of i loooved this movie. the one i think it is.... is.. mr headmistress

ohh and i love this guy.. especially in the movie rocket man..

hope this helps
Is it weird to take a test at all boys school if you want to go to an all girls school?
I'm registering to go to an all girls school next year and they said that the ISEE needs to be taken by mid January. It is less than 3 weeks away from Jan 9th, which means that my mom would need to pay a late fee, and she doesn't want to do that. Jan 16th is right smack dab in the middle of January, but the ISEE website only allowed 2 schools.. both all boys. Do you think there will be any girls there? Because my mom already registered me.
No, it will be fine. There will be other girls in your situation. Everyone is nervous and stressed, the guys will barely notice you're a girl. (Sorry!) Many of the single-sex schools have coed summer school. It's really not a big deal. The bigger deal is that you're probably taking the last ISEE test you can. Don't get sick, don't miss it, don't be late!!

You are studying an ISEE prep book, right? Or getting tutoring? Even though schools say it's not necessary, your competition is, so you should be.

Good luck!

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